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I hope to be the shining light in the dark world of thinspo, unhealthy advice and incorrect information. Life is about being happy and loving yourself, and that includes your body. Feed it with the foods it loves, let it run free, treat it to a nice dinner and some wine every now and again and your body will take care of you too. <3

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can’t work out at home huh?

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“i'm 215lbs, 5'3", and only a sophomore. my sweet 16 is next year, and my family recently (yesterday to be exact) ran a road race that was 7 miles. i so badly wanted to participate and i can't tell you how badly i want to look good at my party. today marks my first day of training for next year's race, and i can't thank you enough for creating this blog and motivating me to do my best and never give up :) i read your story, & i know that i'm gonna cross that finish line next year. THANK YOU!:))<3”

Ohmygreatgoodness. I’m close to tears right now :) I know you can do it!! Let me know when you pass that finish line lovely, or even right before, I’ll be virtually cheering you on every step of the way! <3

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BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT FOR A QUICK FUCKING SECOND.  This is kind of a big deal for me because I’ve always been apprehensive about posting a before and during photo of my progress but I literally cannot with myself so here it is. I’ve come a long way but I still have a long way to go!

Still have a long way to go? Honey, you look beautiful!


This is kind of a big deal for me because I’ve always been apprehensive about posting a before and during photo of my progress but I literally cannot with myself so here it is. I’ve come a long way but I still have a long way to go!

Still have a long way to go? Honey, you look beautiful!

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“Hi, I just wanted to get your opinions or ideas on my workout plan. Everyday I do 4 Blogilates videos (youtube); 2 in the morning - 1 in the afternoon - and 1 at night. I also drink 8 cups of water each day. I'm trying to limit the amount of sweets I eat but I haven't gotten there yet. I am 14, weigh 122 lbs, and am 5'2. My goal is 105 lbs. Do you recommend anything else I should do to reach my goal and become healthier?”

I love blogilates!! I met Cassy this weekend she is such a lovely person! So happy and upbeat!

Your workout plan is good, however don’t forget your cardio! Cardio has amazing benefits for your body, mind, health and weight. Limiting sweets is good, but don’t take them out completely or you’ll binge. I was at a nutrition seminar and although I haven’t done my own research on it, the lecturer said that your taste buds are replaced every 3 weeks and if you can avoid something for three weeks your cravings for it should go away.

Now for your goal…. 105 is extremely low for your height. The very lowest you can weight without being considered unhealthy and at risk by doctors is 110. You don’t really need to lose any more weight love. 122 is a perfectly healthy weight for your height. In order to be healthier in general you should be eating a good heap of veggies and fruits and getting in cardio 5 days a week and strength 2-3 days a week and at least one rest day. Check out my FAQ for altering body composition. There’s more detail there about losing fat and gaining muscle.

EDIT: Someone in the comments section mentioned that you shouldn’t be working out intensively because you’re 14 and I just wanted to let you know that that’s just not true. Yeah, everyone should be careful when working out multiple times a day, but if you’re nourishing yourself correctly it’s perfectly fine. And seeing as how most of Cassy’s videos are about 5-10min and in my opinion not very intensive, I didn’t feel it was muy imporante to mention. It is true that your body needs a rest day, and I did mention that. As far as a growing body is concerned, that is why you should be working out. Weight bearing exercises increase bone density, even at young ages. The more weight-bearing exercises you do, the stronger your bones will become. This is why I try and get anyone and everyone (even my own mother and grandmother) to go do something - walking, jumping, lifting anything over their head - anything to increase bone density and avoid or help arthritis. I even had an athletic injuries class that dedicated an entire class to this. Also idk where you live or that person lived or anything, but I’ve never worked for or in a gym that was 18+. The average were I live in California is 16+ which are what both of the gyms I work for now are at, but I’ve even worked for a 13+ and a 14+. And even then, if you’re younger than that, a lot of gyms will let you in if you’re accompanied by an adult. Gyms do this for liability reasons and because parents get angry when anything happens to their little baby and find ways to sue. Also, think about it, where would high school athletes go if they weren’t fortunate enough to have a gym in their school? That 18+, 16+ whatever+ number is to be able to go to the gym alone, not to be able to go to the gym at all. So if you live in an area where you can’t get into a gym, then yes, working out at home with Cassy is a great way to go. I mean, there are even trainers that specialize in training children 5-10 years old! I couldn’t tell you how many sessions there were at the fitness convention this weekend on training children. So just because you’re 14 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working out or working out intensively… if that were true I wouldn’t have lost my weight. I did it when I was 14/15. There are major athletes at your age that work out much more than you do. I mean heck, there have been Olympic medalists at 10, 11, and 12 years old. The most recent was 1960 and she won the gold medal for swimming the relay heat 4x100 freestyle at the age of 13. The youngest female gold medalist to compete in an individual event was 1932 at the age of 13 for diving. The youngest recorded medalist was in 1896 and he was 10 years old! None placed, but there were 15 competitors between the ages of 13 and 16 at the 2012 London Olympics alone!! So just because you’re 14, don’t be afraid to put the pedal to the metal and go for what you want, just be careful and healthy about it.

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“Well thanks for listening”

Hi lovely!! Since your message spanned across 5 messages, I’m going to answer everything right here so you only have to go to one place :)

So you’re 18, starting college soon and joined a crew on twitter, but since the leader wants to get outfits and take a group picture you’re insecure about you’re body because your father. He thinks he’s failed as a parental figure because of your weight, which of course makes you feel even worse. So now you’re afraid to go to college and meet this twitter crew leader because he might kick you out for being fat and all of the other girls are thin. You’ve lost 6 pounds, but you don’t feel this is very much and you only have 10 days until college starts.

Alright so I realize you may have already started college because I’ve been busy and neglecting my message box. For that, I am so so sorry. I know what you feel like, I’ve been there. First of all, I want to congratulate you on losing those 6 pounds!! Anything is progress!! Another anon came to me with something similar to your message. My advice to her is the same advice I’m going to give to you. Love yourself. Learn to love yourself and everything else will fall into place. Your homework is also to say this affirmation to yourself every time you look in the mirror “I am lovely, I am beautiful, I am worthy.” Repeat everyday until you believe it, aaaaand maybe a little longer :) Also, as for being afraid of what other people are going to say/think about you…. screw them. Let them think what they want. What they think doesn’t make you any less of an amazing and beautiful person. It’s what YOU think that matters. Chances are, they wont hate your for your weight, and I can almost guarantee you’re not going to get kicked out of your crew for it either. The day I stopped giving a rat’s rear end about what people think about me, was the day I experience a whole new side of living. It was not only freeing, but liberating. Screw what others say or think about you. You are a wonderful person and you have people around you that love you, don’t forget that. As for your father goes, talk to him. Tell him how he makes you feel. Maybe he doesn’t realize how horrible his words are and how they make you feel. I know that sounds dumb because it seems like he’s doing it on purpose, but trust me you never know. There are a lot of situations where people, myself included, have assumed someone was purposely trying to hurt them when in reality, they just wish the best for you and don’t realize what they’re saying. It sounds to me like he wishes you were thinner because he believes thinner is healthier (not always the case btw if you were wondering), but he doesn’t go about showing it in a very nice way. So just sit him down and talk to him about what he’s saying or doing and how it’s making you feel.

Please stop hating yourself lovely. Having some fat cells on your body does not make you a bad person. It does not make you an unhealthy person. It does not make you an unlikeable person. It makes you human. You’re a wonderful person, but a person that needs to learn to love herself. After that happens, I promise life will be amazing <3

If you ever need anything, and I mean ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to message me. I ALWAYS answer privately… unless you’re anon so if you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m here for you. <3

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“I have a question. I want to lose weight really really quick. What do I do. I realise as I lost nearly 17 lbs. My goal. Is 106 lbs I weighed 178.1. I realised that I hate myself. And my family hated me as well because they never loved me as much as they do now. And they have the compulsive need to say that now I'm getting thinner it's cute. And I want to cry because I wished I was cute. But to be honest I want to die. I'm sorry for bothering you.”

Oh honey no. First of all, you’re NEVER bothering me. I made this blog specifically for people to come to me for anything they need…. ANYTHING. Also you are beautiful; never forget that. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re less than what you really are. I don’t think your family is trying to make you feel bad. They see the effort you’re putting in and as they see your progress, they want to support you. Sure, their choice of words may not be the greatest, but know that they are here for you for whatever decision you choose. It’s not that now that you’re thinner, you’re cuter. It’s more they want to tell you you’re cute so that you’ll feel cute! A lot of people going through a journey like this never feel adequate or thin enough or pretty enough and they just want to be there for you. Let you know you’re cute, beautiful, wonderful.Love yourself, that’s what you do. I know, easier said than done, but if you could learn to love yourself, the entire world falls together. I want you to tell yourself every morning, “I am strong, I am beautiful, I love myself.” and keep repeating this everyday until you believe it <3

However, I don’t know how tall you are, but 106 is a very low number. Unless you’re 5’2 or shorter, this weight is unhealthy. The reason I say this is because the average female height is 5’5. Again, I don’t know what your height is, and I’m not here to dictate your goals. I’m just here to help you be healthy. <3 

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It&#8217;s official! I work for the Kilroy Fitness Center AND Anytime Fitness! 💪#groupfit #groupex #spin #cycling #smallgrouptraining #lovinlife #thisismyweek #nowtofindanapartment

It’s official! I work for the Kilroy Fitness Center AND Anytime Fitness! 💪#groupfit #groupex #spin #cycling #smallgrouptraining #lovinlife #thisismyweek #nowtofindanapartment


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Follow for fitness

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Let’s give a new meaning to the word loser!

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Raw vegan energizer wrap with a strawberry compote #vegan #rawvegan#whatveganseat #myfood #vegansofig #veganfood #veganfoodshare #vegetarian #flax #organic #breakfast #strawberries #fruit #healthy #eatclean #organic #glutenfree #recovery #ed

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