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I hope to be the shining light in the dark world of thinspo, unhealthy advice and incorrect information. Life is about being happy and loving yourself, and that includes your body. Feed it with the foods it loves, let it run free, treat it to a nice dinner and some wine every now and again and your body will take care of you too. <3

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What is Crossfit Explanation with Jason Khalipa

Always been curious as to what EXACTLY crossfit is. Judging by this explanation, I may wanna get in on this!

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“Is oatmeal (the original flavor) instant oats healthy to get? because i hear that the instant oats are bad because it has artifical sweatners but my oats are the original/plain oats? Thanks :)”

 A lot of things have artificial sweeteners in them these days. Just read your labels hun. HERE is a list of 50 other names for sugar. If you come across anything you don’t know, google it. If you come across anything you can’t pronounce, toss it.

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ok in the first gif robert’s just like

unleash all hell, scarlett

unleash all hell


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“Hi beautiful! I just want to ask if is there a difference between working out in the morning and at night? I also want to ask which is more effective? Thank you in advance! :))”

Well hey there lovely!! <3

There’s actually no real evidence to suggest that either is better for you and your body in terms of actual exercise. You’re burning calories no matter what time it is - your body doesn’t actually have a tick-tock clock :P However, it does effect the way you feel when you workout because your body functions change throughout the day due to your circadian rhythm because of the rotation of the earth. Also, research shows most people find it more beneficial to work out in the morning simply because if you don’t get it done right away, all the other “to-do’s” throughout your day will just push it out of your schedule. Personally, I find it harder to workout in the mornings because I can’t get into a groove, man. I’m too tired and so I just end up walking around the gym than really getting into it and pushing myself. If you’re a night owl like me and would rather workout at night, make sure to leave time to eat and wind down afterwards. In other words, give your body time to get ready for bed. :) Anytime love!! <3

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“Hello :) Just wanted to know is interval training when you're running on the treadmill at different speeds each minute? like one minute its on a speed of 8 then the next minute its at 9 then it goes back down to 7 afterwards? Thanks ^.^ and awesome blog :D”

Oh yeah that’s definitely a type of interval!

However, that’s a little closer to endurance than a true interval. A true interval, or to get the most benefit out of an interval workout, you should go between high to low. Very high intensity, pretty much at or almost anaerobic (pretty hard to breathe - definitely can’t carry on a conversation), then down to a recovery (either low intensity or a complete rest) and back up again, up down up down up down etc. Getting up to anaerobic involves fast twitch muscles (as opposed to slow twitch for endurance exercise) and triggers lactic acid fermentation, which is just a fancy way of saying all the glucose, fructose and sucrose in your body is converted into energy int he absence of oxygen. It’s a way for endurance runners to get better at endurance running by enhancing the lactic threshold to increase performance in a long distance run. It also helps enhance the cardiovascular system for any type of mode, running, biking, rowing, etc. And lastly it does aid better in fat loss than pure moderate intensity endurance running because the higher intervals boost metabolism. :)

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“I really love your blog and this will help everyone in getting their dream. I just want to ask question, why you don't have a boyfriend? haha! You are good looking and smart. Keep up the good work Ma'am! :))”

Oh goodness! Haha you’re so cute. :) I don’t know… I just… don’t. hahah know anyone lookin? ;) … and don’t call me ma’am hahaha <3

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“Do all the links for insanity work? I couldnt get them to start.:(”

They were working when I out them up. :/ I know there’s a long commercial looking things before all of them. At first I thought they were the wrong videos but after I waited long enough I realized they were them. Maybe that’s what you saw? If you can’t get it to start at all I have absolutely no clue why they wouldn’t be working then :/

Ps. I left my computer at my mothers. Ill fix it as soon as I get it back! I promise!!

UPDATE: I have no idea why they aren’t working for you, love. They all work on my end, you just have to sit through the long commercial or two before hand. I tried looking up another website that has all of the videos, and I couldn’t find one. You tube only has the first two or three. The link that’s provided below by a follower also only provides two or three full length videos. I’m so sorry they don’t work for you love and I can’t think as to why :(

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ED recovery 


Before - 99lbs

After - 121lbs

Dear lord I am so proud of you - this is amazing. Keep up the fantastic work! Beat that ED.

Thanks for the lovely comments ❤

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“Can you make a workout routine for a 16 year old girl weighing 126 pounds trying to lose fat in the stomach area? To tone it up and get rid of fat in that area.”

I’m sorry, love. I actually don’t make workout routines for people from this blog because there are a lot of variables I need to know beforehand and I also only do specific routines for clients. Also the rest of your information can be found in my FAQ.

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A workout you can do at home! 


A workout you can do at home! 

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Me: Ma, you&#8217;re taking me WHERE for graduation?!? 
Mom: Magnificent Seven!! Need dollar bills? Mama will help you out. 
Ladies and gents, you read correctly, my mother took me to a male strip show.  (at The Yost Theater)

Me: Ma, you’re taking me WHERE for graduation?!?
Mom: Magnificent Seven!! Need dollar bills? Mama will help you out.
Ladies and gents, you read correctly, my mother took me to a male strip show. (at The Yost Theater)

“Sigh, is it really hard to lose stomach fat? It is the only place where I have fat and I know you can't spot treat anything so should I just kick up the cardio and do crunches?”

Well, yes you can if you’d like, but like you said, you can’t spot reduce. Even if you do bump up the cardio, you can’t choose where your body will lose the fat. It may lose it from there it may not. It’s possible it can, but again you don’t really know. Your body makes the choice for you. Along with “spot reducing”, doing crunches wont get rid of the fat around your stomach. It will add muscle underneath and make you stronger, which in turn increases your metabolism resulting in you burning more calories at rest, but again you can’t choose where you lose the fat. Now, I’m not saying don’t increase your cardio or do crunches, you need these and more for a good strong stable healthy body, but for your specific question, I can’t tell you if that’s the choice for you because I don’t know your body. Kicking up the cardio will increase the amount of calories you burn and you will burn fat, but again, I wouldn’t know where. Also don’t forget to eat clean and stress less. Stress causes the body to gain weight specifically around the mid section. Give yourself a nice bubble bath every once in a while or start some yoga :)

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“Hey. I find your blog really motivating, keep up the good work! Ok, I am 5'3 and 145 ibs. I have a hormonal problem, my testosterone is up and I can lose weight, it's just really slow and I don;t really know what I am doing...How much cardio should I do and how much strength training? Thanks hun!”

I don’t know too much when it comes to differences in hormone levels. Maybe you should consult your doctor on this because I can’t confidently give you advice on something I don’t know too much about.

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