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I hope to be the shining light in the dark world of thinspo, unhealthy advice and incorrect information. Life is about being happy and loving yourself, and that includes your body. Feed it with the foods it loves, let it run free, treat it to a nice dinner and some wine every now and again and your body will take care of you too. <3

Cycling Instructor at The Fitness Center at Kilroy
Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Mo-Mentum Fitness

Nationally Certified:
- Personal Trainer
- Group Fitness Instructor
- Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor
- Bootie Camp Yoga Instructor


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it ok to not be ready

Please spread this shit like wildfire. People go on and sit through the whole experience and they’re uncomfortable because they just want to please their partner and they don’t tell them that they want to stop because they are not ready. It’s okay not to be ready. 

i thought somebody else might need to hear this, because i did.

But but what if they say u gotta

If anyone tells you that you have to do something against your will, you run. You run so far.

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- Salty Creatures 
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Avocado Chocolate Pudding - A tasty, healthy alternative that’s vegan friendly. Enjoy! Video RECIPE

I need this in my life right now.

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Unbelievable mime with balloon - Video

Everyone always makes fun of mimes, but I’ve like never been not impressed by a mime. I want to learn these skills. 


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By David Olenick

Sleep with a stranger!

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Pink i LOVE you

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“I have done all kinds of diets. I typically do OK on them when I'm at home, but I travel a lot on business and it's difficult to stick with a diet on the road (especially when the customer is picking up the tab). Meal replacement shakes give me control over what I eat. They are quick and simple and pack lots of nutrition for the buck. They may not be for everyone, but they work well for me. Thanks :)”

Pt 2

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“Herbalife isn't a bad plan. I was once a distributor for them long ago. As with any meal replacement type plan, you can lose weight if you follow it. I recently started with a different product called Isagenix. The reason is simple. It was the healthiest option I could find. I won't bore you with the details, but in my opinion, the ingredients are better than what is available in other protein powders and meal replacements. I'll send a separate comment on why I use meal replacement shakes”

Here you go

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“I used herbalife for a while, at first it was the worst because I honestly missed eating and I got hungrier really fast and iver ate, eventually I did lose weight but then after I stopped it all came back in a matter of months and then some!!!! I say just eat healthy and work out; it will take longer but you keep it off”

Yeah plans that cause you not to each much will do that when you get off of them. Thank you anon!!

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“Is herbalife good for weight loss? What's the deal with everyone buying different weight loss supplements?”

I do not have any knowledge of herbalife. I’ve never used it and have never done research on it. So ok sorry but I don’t have any information for you love. Maybe someone who knows a little more can reply so I can relay it out :)

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Body Toning Workout…VIDEO

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