motivationintohabit"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

I hope to be the shining light in the dark world of thinspo, unhealthy advice and incorrect information. Life is about being happy and loving yourself, and that includes your body. Feed it with the foods it loves, let it run free, treat it to a nice dinner and some wine every now and again and your body will take care of you too. <3

Cycling Instructor at The Fitness Center at Kilroy
Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Mo-Mentum Fitness

Nationally Certified:
- Personal Trainer
- Group Fitness Instructor
- Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor
- Bootie Camp Yoga Instructor


Pick your plan


Gettin cray at #thecolorrun #thecolorgames #5k #sandiego  (at Qualcomm Stadium)

Gettin cray at #thecolorrun #thecolorgames #5k #sandiego (at Qualcomm Stadium)

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